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HR Consulting Solutions

Tokata HR Solutions specializes in sourcing qualified Indigenous talent through targeted recruitment and retention strategies for employers who want to grow and build Indigenous capacity.

Tokata also provides consulting services to help businesses and Nations with the development of HR Policy, processes, procedures or tools to help grow and manage their operations in a manner that is consistent with our Indigenous values and experience.

Recruitment & Retention

We work with you and your recruitment and retention needs and fulfill your sourcing needs. Tokata HR Solutions is committed to reconciliation and establishing meaningful relationships and partnerships with organizations committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Customized HR Consulting

Providing HR expertise on Job Analysis, Descriptions, Compensation, Benefits, Salary, Training and Development, On-boarding, Policy Review and/or Development and much more, with Indigenous thought and experience.

HR & Special Projects

We help with special projects consulting and solutions for Nations by assisting with grant and proposal writing for their HR needs.

Our values direct the work we do.  They include: service to our Nations and citizens; integrity, honesty and truthfulness; mutual consideration and benefit; inclusion and diversity; sustainability; pride; innovation and versatility.

We will collaborate together to customize the best solution for your Human Resource needs.   We are confident our team of professionals have the experience and expertise to help clients build a stronger organization.