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 – Topa Contracting joined our Indigenous HR Strategy in November 2022 –

They are a FHQ Investor Partner with Tokata HR Solutions.  We are proud to work with Topa Contracting to help build their Indigenous workforce!


Topa Contracting Company Overview

Topa Contracting is the partnership between FHQ Developments and Noble Construction Corp. After working together through FHQ Developments Employment and Retention Services, both parties realized how closely their values and goals aligned, and the first steps towards the creation of their partnership were taken. In December of 2018, an official Pipe and Signing Ceremony took place at the First Nations University of Canada in Regina, Saskatchewan, which marked the birth of FHQ Noble Construction GP Ltd. In June of 2019, the partnership was rebranded as ‘Topa Contracting’. The word Topa means “four” in both the Lakota and Dakota language. Four is a number that carries much significance.


Topa Contracting is located on and is operated from Treaty 4 territory. In addition, Topa represents the four directions of a compass, the four seasons, the four stages of life, the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of ones being, and finally, the four quadrants of the medicine wheel.


 The partnership provides knowledge, experience and client relations in the industrial construction sector while focusing on the diversity and inclusion that industry in Saskatchewan is trying to allow. Topa Contracting is one of the first true partnerships with a First-Nation majority stake holder. The partnership is based on trust, mutual contributions, and a long-term outlook. This is the type of partnership that will allow for growth and long-term benefits for all parties involved.


Vision – To create opportunity within our community, with a focus on First Nation inclusion in the Industrial, Commercial and Mining Construction sectors.

Mission – Through collaboration, create employment with a mindset around a diversified and inclusive workforce.

Topa Contracting provides service to many locations within Saskatchewan although not limited to this area, our head office is located in Esterhazy SK.


How does Topa Contracting supports the Indigenous Community

As a local contractor owned and operated within Saskatchewan, Topa Contracting believes in community.  They  recognize that employees who support Topa are supported by their families, friends, and community.  In order to complete that circle, Topa Contracting need to support these communities.  To accomplish that, Topa Contracting has a dual approach; to create meaningful and fulfilling opportunities for their employees with a focus on inclusion, and to give back to the many organizations, teams, and clubs that their employees and families are involved in.  This investment into our communities is what creates such a strong local workforce and provides Topa Contracting with exceptional employees.


Current and past Indigenous initiatives and events Topa Contracting participates in:

Vision – To create opportunity within our community, with a focus on First Nation inclusion in the Industrial, Commercial and Mining Construction sectors.

Putting their vision into action, Topa is pleased to share our achievements and newly developed targets for Indigenous Involvement.  Topa Contracting’s targets are built focused on four categories: Direct Employment, Subcontract Engagement, Workplace Education & Training, and Community Relations and Investment.  Each target is envisioned to support our Pathway to Reconciliation.

Vision to Action, 2022 Achievements

In 2022, Topa carried out a targeted investment in Indigenous Involvement.  Topa Contracting invites the opportunity to present our efforts and achievements in greater detail.  To summarize, here are the highlights:


*Indigenous Community Relations and Investment – $14,000 investment

*Human Resources Efforts & Training targeting Indigenous candidates – $27,000 investment

*Indigenous Employment – Currently, 15% of Topa employees are Indigenous

*Indigenous Subcontract Spend – $410,000

Topa wants to do more.  Quantifying our achievements in 2022 has revealed both the value of our efforts, but also the time and resources required to achieve meaningful impacts.


Frequent positions Topa Contracting  hires for

Topa Contracting provides multiple services within in a variety of areas in the province of Saskatchewan.  We frequently hire labours, custodians, and trades people to maintain quality manpower within the areas of service. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Janitorial services
  • Directional Drilling
  • Electrical services
  • Security services
  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Site clean up
  • Road maintenance
  • Grounds keeping
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Vegetation control
  • Lock and key


How can you get involved with Topa Contracting?

You can get involved with Topa Contracting careers by working with the team at Tokata HR Solutions

As we partner with Innovation Credit Union, we are looking for great talent like YOU to recruit, train and coach for careers at Innovation Credit Union.

To be eligible for opportunities with Topa Contracting:

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Click here to view Topa Contracting’s website:

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Michelle Brooks
Indigenous HR Strategy Manager
Tokata HR Solutions – A Division of FHQ Developments