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Indigenous HR Strategy

“The Indigenous population is the fastest growing population in Canada. Working with the expertise of Tokata HR Solutions and FHQ Developments will strengthen your company’s ability to recruit and retain Indigenous Talent into your organization.”

Thomas Benjoe
President and CEO, FHQ Developments

Tokata HR Solutions launched our one-of-a-kind Indigenous HR Strategy on May 13, 2022.

The goals of this strategy are to:

  • Recruit, train and coach Indigenous Talent for in-demand industries
  • Work closely to help you meet workforce objectives by recruiting and retaining qualified Indigenous employees in all levels of your organization

The careers and industries we focus on directly relate to the in-demand positions of our strategy investors.  We take the time to get to know our investors, and their workforce needs, and then we complete initiatives to recruit qualified Indigenous Talent for the positions.

Read about our Indigenous HR Strategy Investors here.

There are 2 parts to the strategy:

Part 1:  Your organization partners with Tokata HR Solutions (A Division of FHQ Developments)


  • We are leaders in Indigenous knowledge, business, partnership building, economic development and Indigenous employment.
  • To partner with an Indigenous organization that has a developed reputation and success in the market you want to be involved in.
  • To market to our established Indigenous audience and be matched with quality Indigenous referrals.
  • We are the only organization priming a strategy to build a strong Indigenous workforce to meet industry needs.

Part 2:  We recruit, train and coach Indigenous Talent for in-demand positions

How do we do it?

  • We get to know your business and your short, medium and long-term talent needs.
  • We build relationships with schools, post-secondary institutions and professional associations based your needs.
  • We work together on strategies and career initiatives that will promote your organization and industry.
  • Our team builds and maintains long-term relationships with Indigenous candidates.
  • We coach, train and mentor Indigenous candidates to excel in their career and leadership skills.
  • We act as a trusted partner to match talent to your organization


Above:  Students and job-ready professionals at our
Annual Signature Networking Event


Above:  FCC, our initial investor into the Indigenous
HR Strategy

We are being intentional with our strategy.  We are working with organizations who share goals to invest in the development of our Indigenous workforce.  We dig deeper in our approach to connect into our communities and with our young people, post secondary students and professionals.  Our Indigenous career clients rely on us to guide them to career options that are available and in-demand.

The Indigenous HR Strategy is:

  • A Community Investment: Indigenous people want to know their efforts are going to help advance initiatives in their own communities. Partnering with our Indigenous organization, to increase employment opportunities, is the focus of this strategy.
  • An Indigenous Recruitment Strategy: We will be a valued resource for our Indigenous Workforce by showing what careers are possible, and in-demand. Through career development, and partnering with industry, our goal is to build Indigenous leaders who have their choice of employers in the job market.
  • A Collective effort: Strategy investors must commit to working together to build, hire and promote Indigenous talent. Businesses want to work in partnership with our company, in a collective approach, instead of each entity developing strategies on their own.

We will work with your business to build upon existing HR strategies and ensure you are a desirable employer to Indigenous candidates. The success of your investment into this strategy will depend on the commitment and actions from your Executive Leadership and strategy primes.

The five overarching goals and outcomes of the strategy are as follows:


We encourage you to contact us for more detail and to see how this strategy can help your organization.


Michelle Brooks
Indigenous HR Strategy Manager
Tokata HR Solutions – A Division of FHQ Developments