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Fries Tallman Lumber

– Fries Tallman Lumber became a Friend of the Strategy in
April 2023 –

Company Overview

Fries Tallman Lumber is one of the oldest independently owned retail lumber yards in Saskatchewan.

It was started in 1956.  Fries Tallman Lumber, owned by Kevin Stricker, has made every effort to follow the same philosophy of the original owners and the owners that followed.  Their vision is to provide exceptional service and products to our community with their core values of integrity, innovation, and teamwork in mind.

With a combined knowledge of over 205 years in the lumber and building material industry, the Fries Tallman Lumber sales team can provide assistance with your building projects and renovations, new home construction or general repairs. We have a large showroom displaying the many products we sell which allow our customers to “touch and feel” the products before buying.

They have locations in Regina at 1737 Dewdney Ave and Fort Qu’Appelle at 197 Victoria Ave.   The coffee is always on at both locations. They invite you to stop by either location to find out more about Fries Tallman Lumber!

How Fries Tallman Lumber supports the Indigenous community

Fries Tallman Lumber has worked on equity by developing processes that are fair and impartial, with all intentions to have equal outcomes for everyone, but they admit they can do better.  They want to work together with our community and develop a workplace that is Diverse and inclusive.  The company wants to showcase the Diversity of their team and celebrate their differences with the utmost respect.

Above: An aerial photo of Fries Tallman Lumber in Regina, SK

Current and past Indigenous initiatives and Indigenous events that Fries Tallman Lumber has participated in

Fries Tallman Lumber has donated Gift in Kind to many Pow Wows at Pasqua First Nation and Standing Buffalo First Nation.

Fries Tallman Lumber has also contributed to Pasqua’s Community Enhance Support program.

The company understands they can do more, and they look forward to opportunities that will bring reconciliation in a meaningful way.

Fries Tallman Lumber looks forward to learning from other companies and from our communities.


Frequent positions Fries Tallman Lumber hires for

Yard Attendant

  • The Yard Attendant is responsible for general duties in the yard including loading and unloading of company delivery vehicles and customer vehicles.  You will also maintain the inventory in the yard.
  • This position often leads to Inventory Lead or a Receiving Lead role.

Delivery Driver

  • The Delivery Driver is responsible for delivery of products to both contractor and consumer customers.
  • The driver is also responsible for maintaining proper records of loads for that vehicle. Most importantly, you are  responsible to ensure that the vehicle is operated in a safe and courteous manner.
  • Their company offers upgrade training to Drivers for 3A or 1A training.  They also provide Forklift, Fall arrest, Skid Steer and Boom training.

Inside Sales Person

  • The Inside Salesperson is responsible for meeting customer needs by listening, understanding and providing solutions.
  • They are responsible for answering telephone inquiries, processing customer orders, maintaining stock of in-store products and general housekeeping of their department.
  • The Sales staff receive Construction Estimating training. They currently have 9 Salespeople and 6 of those employees started as Yard Attendants and have moved around the company.  Two of their Sales staff have moved to Purchasing and Inventory positions.

IT Technician

  • Fries Tallman Lumber is currently developing this job description and hope to be posting it within the next 6 months.  This position will be responsible for installing and configuring hardware and software components and performing tests.
  • You will  troubleshooting hardware and software issues, upgrade systems to enable software compatibility and install and upgrade anti-virus software and security systems to ensure network security.

HR Manager

  • Fries Tallman Lumber will be recruiting a Human Resource Manager in the upcoming year.  This is currently an executive position but could also change to a payroll clerk position and a Branch Manager position with the right skill sets.

What an AMAZING variety of possible careers and career paths!

Above:  Appreciating the hard-working staff of Fries Tallman Lumber

How can you get involved with Fries Tallman Lumber?


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Michelle Brooks
Indigenous HR Strategy Manager
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