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About Us

As a key business entity of the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, FHQ Developments has created Tokata HR Solutions – a wholly-owned affiliate committed to leading Indigenous human resource services.

Tokata is from the Dakota language and translates into the “Seeing into the Future or having Foresight.” We support the development of Indigenous careers as we see opportunity in the future as well as support employers to build the necessary strategies to meet the demands of their future workforce. Through our consulting services we have developed HR solutions that utilize Indigenous thought, knowledge, and values.

We are confident that our commitment and HR solutions will benefit employers and the broader business community and that a brighter future will be created for all partners in our journey who walk the path with us.

Tokata’s team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are ready to customize solutions to meet your HR needs!

Our solutions today make a brighter future for our Nations & Citizens tomorrow.

Michelle Brooks, Director of Indigenous HR Strategy

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