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“FHQ Developments and Tokata HR Solutions continue to provide me with on-going mentorship, meaningful business experience, and knowledge. They provide me feedback and confidence that allows me to adapt my post-secondary education into the workplace. I am very grateful to have such a strong and highly competent team to support my professional learning and growth.”

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Tokata HR Solutions

Tokata HR Solutions focuses on supporting and growing Indigenous careers while providing the tools and resources for employers to build more successful relationships with Indigenous talent. Tokata also provides consulting services to help businesses or Nations with the development of HR policy, procedures, or tools to help grow and manage their operations.

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Recruitment of qualified Indigenous People
Retention Strategies
Pre-screen Assessments
Referral of job-ready candidates
Customized HR Consulting Solutions
HR Project Management


Career Opportunities
Networking Events
Career Webinars and Information Sessions
Employer Referrals
Career Coaching
Bursary Programs

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