November 26, 2020

Thomas Benjoe, President/CEO

Mr. Benjoe joined FHQ Developments in the fall of 2016 as the Corporation’s President/CEO. Thomas brings a wealth of experience in First Nations Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Community Development, Business Administration, and Commercial Banking. He has a strong professional background, and a personal commitment to partnership, relationship building and interest-based negotiation.

Mr. Benjoe is strongly committed to Aboriginal Business Development and FHQ Developments’ guiding vision of securing business partnerships that result in wealth generation and First Nation equity ownership in key economic sectors.

Mr. Benjoe is a founding board member of FHQ Developments and served 6 years as a Director. He is a former Commercial Banker from RBC that served the Aboriginal Market throughout Saskatchewan. He helped in the creation of the FNUniv Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Camp.

Thomas is a graduate of Business Administration from First Nations University of Canada and focused his education in First Nations Business, Economic Development and Governance. He is also a certified Professional Director from Brown Governance.