April 14, 2021

Richard M. Missens

Richard is a member of the Pasqua First Nation. He is currently the President and CEO for PFN Group of Companies. The PFN Group is a diversified portfolio of businesses, partnerships and investments that make up a major part of the Nation’s economic development strategy. The focus of the company is to create wealth for the Nation, generate cash flow, create jobs for citizens, and to support the development of a qualified Indigenous workforce.

Mr. Missens has been a senior Professor with the School of Business and Public Administration at the First Nations University of Canada. Professor Missens’ teaching, research and scholarly activity were in the areas of First Nations Governance, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.

Richard has held a number of non-academic positions in the past as well as various directorships including Regina Regional Economic Development Authority, Wakayos Holdings Inc., and Pasqua First Nation Indian Education Authority, President of the FNUniv Powwow Committee. Director for NP Aerospace.