February 2, 2023

Justine “Tini” Stilborn, Communications Marketing Specialist

Every minute spent organized is an extra hour earned to be creative.

Justine Stilborn, also known as Tini, brings a playful, creative approach to marketing & branding strategy. She has experience with Website Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, and Branding. These skills are complimented by a strong background in leadership roles, improving operational efficiency, and structured organization. She is committed to interdependent collaboration, creative solution-seeking, and progressing new ideas.

Tini was a founding contributor and VP of Operations for Encompass Online Marketing. She currently serves on the CARFAC Saskatchewan Arts Board and has since 2014, holding the president role from 2020 – 2023, she is a professional artist with works displayed publicly in the City of Regina and the City of Saskatoon. Tini is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Regina with a focus on Drawing and Arts History.

She believes that great communication can make up for poor processes and great processes can be made up with great communication, and the key to effective and efficient, synergistic operations is having great processes and great communications. She is passionate about building generational wealth and building sustainable businesses.