June 9, 2022

Our NEW Indigenous HR Strategy has launched!

We started with the idea to have Indigenous People working in careers throughout all levels of  organizations where they can make a difference!

After months of research, and many conversations with organizations, this vision launched on May 13, 2022.

“It is with the support of our Indigenous HR Strategy investors that we hope to navigate a greater future for Indigenous talent across Saskatchewan through an Indigenous-lead model.” says FHQ Developments President and CEO, Thomas Benjoe.

This strategy is being managed by Michelle Brooks who has worked in Human Resources for over 20 years.  As the Indigenous HR Strategy Manager, Michelle and her team will build and recruit Indigenous Talent for the in-demand industries of our investors.  This means a multitude of initiatives with our investors that will range from activities with our youth, secondary, post-secondary and professional talent.

Many employers are struggling to recruit qualified talent to their organizations and this is a problem that is going to multiply every year.  The Indigenous population is the fastest growing demographic in Canada and employers are requesting help to partner and promote their organizations to the Indigenous community.

“We have developed a strategy where we can use our expertise and experience at FHQ Developments and Tokata HR Solutions to partner with organizations who want to make a difference in the livelihood of Indigenous People.  This will help create positive outcomes for generations to come.” says Michelle.

Contact Michelle Brooks, at mbrooks@fhqdev.com, to learn more about the strategy and to become a potential investor.