April 11, 2022

Our Annual Networking Event is a Great Way to Develop in Your Career!


Signature Events, like our annual Indigenous Student and Professionals Networking Event, are always HIGHLY anticipated!

If you had the opportunity to attend our recent event on February 17, 2022 , you will know this is a HIGH-ENERGY and FAST-PACED evening!

Indigenous Students and Professionals had the opportunity to connect with people and employers you don’t usually get to meet until the interview.  Valuable CONNECTIONS were made!


About Our Annual Networking Event:


Our networking events are typically held in the fall.  They always sell out fast so ensure to save your employer spot and student/professional spot by registering soon after we announce the date!

Networking is a critical skill in both your career search and career development. In many cases, you will get more career opportunities from the work you put into networking yourself and your skills.

The sessions are fast moving and exciting and they typically last 2-3 hours.  You get the opportunity to meet potential employers and have a chance to showcase your skills and increase your network.

This event is open to Indigenous Students and Indigenous Professionals.

In the words of Thomas Benjoe, FHQ Developments President and CEO:

“Students and professionals that are constantly networking have a better chance of securing employment than those that don’t. It’s easier for an employer to hire you when they know more about you despite going through the interview process. FHQ Developments is trying to help grow your network with employers so that you become more successful in securing employment.”


Watch our networking event here: