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Investment Approach


The foundation of our philosophy is based on our Treaty Principle “Miyo-wîcêhtowin – ‘The Principal of Getting Along Well with Others, Good Relations, Expanding the Circle’”.

Our Team looks on partnering with local and national companies with superior management teams, supporting them in achieving their full potential, enabling them to become competitive and dominant businesses on both provincial and north american scale.

We evaluate investment opportunities from a long-term perspective, maximizing value for our organization, and contributing to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our Limited Partners and our citizens.

We apply a systematic approach to investing, with each investment opportunity being subjected to rigorous evaluation, in-depth analysis and review. Once the investment is made, we strive to create value through active involvement in the company’s strategic decision making, operations, as well as via enhancing the standards of governance.


We are driven by a clearly defined vision and an investment strategy: FHQ Developments aims to contribute to sustainable development by investing in companies which have demonstrated the ability, or have the potential, to deliver real value. Through a disciplined approach, indepth due diligence and a highly experienced business developments/investment team, we evaluate investment opportunities that will maximize our shareholders’ value and produce attractive returns. FHQ Developments uses an opportunistic investment approach which targets a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to,  construction, technology, agriculture, renewable energy, hospitality and tourism.

Our investments are actively securing opportunities throughout Saskatchewan and Western Canada.  We continue to look at opportunities to  expand our investments throughout North America.

Our current portfolio contains high performing selected companies in the most promising industries;

FHQ Developments investment strategy clearly sets out each of the following components:

FHQ - Investment Strategy


We follow a systematic approach to investing, with each investment opportunity being subjected to thorough evaluation, in-depth analysis and review by an experienced business development/investment team. Every new investment is analyzed with respect to the potential for value appreciation in relation to the required rate of return.

What we look for

We are constantly looking for investment opportunities in all industry sectors. We seek to work as a partner with our portfolio companies. We look to invest in all stages of the corporate life cycle: early stage, growth stage, leveraged buyouts, etc. Target ownership may range from minority stake with board representation to majority ownership, based on the stage of development of our investee company and the strategy of the partnership

Regardless of their stage in the corporate cycle, FHQ Developments will be looking for the following characteristics in target companies:

  • Defensible, niche or dominant position in its industry/sector by geography or ability to build a dominant position.
  • Meaningful market growth potential.
  • Diversified and strong customers base.
  • Significant or potentially significant presence in Saskatchewan/Canada.
  • Strong management and technical expertise in place.
  • Relevant and focused development strategy.


Our typical process adopted for any portfolio investment is outlined below:

FHQ - Investment Process

Our investment process is a blend of strict qualitative and quantitative analysis and insight. It is continuously reviewed and refined with the goal of facilitating identification and selection of superior investment opportunities within the provincial region. Investment opportunities are monitored closely by senior management and the executive management committee at each stage of review.

Deal Identification:


Investment Approval:

Value Creation:

Work closely with the management of portfolio companies to develop and implement a growth strategy to expand locally and regionally.


Successfully exit the investment through any one of the recognized techniques.