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About FHQ Investments

Value Proposition


We are proudly owned by the eleven first nations located within the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. Our strategy and implementation will be to act as a liaison between our clients and our partner companies, who have product and services of value and are cost competitive.

Together, with our partners, our combined service offering is very unique. As an Indigenous development corporation, we operate independently and have a well experienced and dedicated team of professionals that makes our corporation stand out from the rest. Our benefit is every partner is majority owned by FHQ Developments.


We are driven by a clearly defined vision and an investment strategy: FHQ Dev aims to contribute to the sustainable development of our eleven First Nations’ by investing in companies which have demonstrated the ability, or have the potential, to deliver real value.

Through a disciplined approach, in depth due diligence and a highly experienced management team, we evaluate investment opportunities that will maximize value and produce attractive returns. Our company uses an opportunistic investment approach which targets a wide range of sectors including agriculture/tech, energy, industrial, construction, software testing and engineering/consulting.

We intend to build a high performing portfolio of selected companies in the most promising industries in our home province of Saskatchewan and beyond.

Investment Team