November 30, 2011

FHQ Developments Unveils Game-Changing Partnership, Paving the Way for Indigenous Empowerment and Sustainable Growth

FHQ Developments proudly announces a transformative partnership that exemplifies our commitment to building capacity and empowering Indigenous communities. PAFHQ Contracting, a subsidiary owned by FHQ Developments (50%), Points Athabasca Contracting (17%), and Graham Construction (33%), is steering the way towards sustainable growth.

This collaboration draws inspiration from the successes of Points Athabasca Construction Ltd. and Athabasca Basin Developments Ltd. FHQ Developments leads this joint venture, directly benefiting 18 Saskatchewan First Nations, encompassing 11 communities under the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council and 7 communities in Saskatchewan’s northern Athabasca region.

Building capacity is a guiding principle influencing both where and how business is conducted. PAFHQ Contracting, as a locally owned and operated entity, is deeply vested in regional development, ensuring that every project contributes to the long-term prosperity of local communities and companies.

The partnership focuses on creating opportunities for Indigenous communities and citizens in Saskatchewan. PAFHQ Contracting distinguishes itself through a commitment to community involvement, development, and investment. By actively engaging with communities, supporting training programs, and contributing to local social initiatives, PAFHQ ensures that Indigenous voices play a significant role in projects within their communities.

PAFHQ’s strength lies in facilitating meaningful connections between clients and Indigenous communities. Through community-backed recruitment, employee training, and support for local projects, PAFHQ sets itself apart as a dynamic company poised for steady, locally supported growth. This unique structure allows PAFHQ the flexibility to consider expansion into any area that requires access to essential human resources while building projects benefiting both First Nations communities and Saskatchewan-based companies.

Celebrating achievements is paramount, particularly within the Indigenous community. As we elevate the standards of business success within the provincial economy, it’s crucial to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Indigenous entrepreneurs who contribute significantly to our collective prosperity. FHQ Developments looks forward to positive returns from this partnership for our clients, shareholders, and, most importantly, the communities we serve. Together, we are writing a success story emphasizing collaboration, sustainability, and empowerment.

Edit: PAFHQ Contracting is now Great Plains Contracting