December 5, 2018

FHQ Developments and Noble Construction Corp. Unveil FHQ Noble Contracting: Pioneering First-Nation Majority Partnership

We are proud to unveil a transformative collaboration with Noble Construction Corp., resulting in the establishment of the LLC FHQ Noble Contracting. This momentous occasion was commemorated through a traditional Pipe Ceremony and agreement signing, attended by elders, peers, and industry leaders, signifying the commencement of a profound partnership.

Chris Miller, President of Noble Construction Corp., hails this alliance as a historic milestone. “This partnership is a significant chapter in our company’s history,” he emphasizes.

FHQ Noble Contracting is dedicated to creating employment opportunities and enhancing First Nation inclusion within the workforce. Through strategic investments in retention programs, training, and ongoing education, the collaboration aims to broaden horizons for all Noble employees, reflecting shared values and goals.

The partnership germinated from collaboration in FHQ Developments’ Employment and Retention Services, with the official Pipe and Signing Ceremony held in December 2018 at the First Nations University of Canada in Regina, Saskatchewan, marking the birth of FHQ Noble Contracting Ltd.

FHQ Noble Contracting amalgamates the industrial construction expertise of NCC and the comprehensive knowledge and client relations of FHQ Developments. It prioritizes diversity and inclusion in Saskatchewan’s construction industry and stands as one of the pioneering partnerships with a First-Nation majority stakeholder.

This collaboration is poised to foster growth and long-term benefits for all parties involved. FHQ Developments and Noble Construction Corp. are trailblazers in driving positive change in the construction sector, setting a precedent for meaningful partnerships that transcend industry norms. FHQ Noble Contracting stands as a testament to its commitment to world-class service, community support, and the advancement of First Nation inclusion in the workforce.