FHQ Developments


We contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our Limited Partners and our citizens by developing profitable business ventures, economic development opportunities, and advancing employment and livelihood for our Nations and citizens in a manner consistent with the Nehiyaw (Cree), Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) Nations teachings.


Our Nations exercise their inherent rights and sovereignty through financial independence.


FHQ Developments is guided by both Treaty principles and business management principles

Treaty Principles

FHQ Developments' focus and inspiration comes from the Treaty Principles as conveyed by our Elders. These principles form the basis of how we expect to conduct our business relationships.

Miyo-wîcêhtowin - ‘The Principal of Getting Along Well with Others, Good Relations, Expanding the Circle’

Miskâsowin - ‘Finding One’s Sense of Origin and Belonging’, Finding “One’s Self” or Finding “One’s Centre”

Wîtaskêwin - ‘Living Together on the Land’

Pimâcihowin - ‘Making a Living’

Tâpwêwin - ‘Speaking the truth or Speaking with Precision and Accuracy’

Askîwipicihowascikêwina - ‘Setting into Place Arrangements for Livelihood, Living and Evolving Treaty Rights’


Organizational Values








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