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Formerly Points Athabasca FHQ Contracting LP, our name was changed to Great Plains Contracting LP in 2018.  Our new name reflects the Great Plains where our Indigenous heritage and our Saskatchewan base are rooted.

Great Plains Contracting is a First Nations partnership in southern Saskatchewan comprised of File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council Developments LP (FHQ Developments, 50%), Points Athabasca (Points Athabasca, 17%), andGraham Construction (Graham, 33%). This partnership was forged to further engage the First Nations community in Saskatchewan’s growing economy, and contribute to the continuing development of Saskatchewan, particularly the Mining Sector.


As a general industrial construction contractor, we offer a wide range of services:

Site General Maintenance Earthworks and Civil Construction Structural, Mechanical and Piping Construction New Concrete Installations Specialty Concrete Repairs Mill Maintenance Painting Scaffolding General Labour Underground Maintenance

This is a small sample of the many scopes of work we do. Please contact us to explore opportunities and options.


Safe practices, safe work, safe teams. Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) plays a significant role in every project. Safe work is more productive. Safe work leads to better quality. Most importantly, safe work leads to healthy lives and a clean environment.


Great Plains Contracting utilizes a comprehensive corporate HS&E management program that meets established industry standards for:

Management commitment and leadership HS&E Management System governance Employee participation Worker competency and training Inspection and audit Incident investigation and analysis Emergency response planning Contractor management Health promotion and wellness Hazard assessment and risk management Environmental management Security Home safety Ergonomics Behaviour-based safety Communication Management review

We are also committed to ongoing educational programming related to:

Principles of Health and Safety Management Auditor Training Leadership for Safety Excellence Train-the-Trainer

Our goal is zero incidents and injuries and the objective of our HS&E Management System is to reduce the number of incidents to an absolute minimum.


Accidents and injuries are preventable. At Great Plains Contracting, the safety of our employees and the public is always our primary objective. Through all project phases—from planning and design to construction and commissioning—every Great Plains Contracting project team emphasizes safety and safe practices.

Great Plains Contracting’s safety specialists work closely with project partners, subcontractors and suppliers to develop, deliver and enforce comprehensive safety programs tailored to specific project needs. Our onsite safety officers ensure that all site activities meet or exceed governing regulations and standard industry procedures.


The best job possible, always. At Great Plains Contracting, we commit to plan, manage and deliver all contracted work in a safe, cost efficient manner that complies with applicable codes and standards and meets all defined project requirements. We believe that superior quality is fulfilled by skilled workers, careful planning, suitable tools and procedures, clearly defined job requirements and appropriate supervision.

Utilizing Graham’s Quality Assurance and Control Program, Great Plains Contracting is able to define plans and procedures for work performance and documentation, and describe organizational responsibility within a project team to ensure compliance. Quality is verified through continuous monitoring, inspection, testing, reviews and audits of work activities.

Great Plains Contracting applies a detailed understanding of industrial construction to review of design specifications and can assist and add value to designers by reviewing models, specifications and drawings.


At the start of every project, a detailed Inspection and Test Plan is developed that draws together all quality requisites for the project, and identifies any applicable codes, standards, and engineering specifications as well as the specific requirements of project proponents.


Great Plains Contracting follows quality assurance and control manuals that are specific to work site activities and conditions. These manuals govern all work from site preparation through construction to commissioning. Manuals for project components governed by specific technical or regulatory requirements are reviewed and approved by appropriate governing authorities prior to implementation.


Great Plains Contracting utilizes Graham’s award winning project software Toolbox© to provide integrated, realtime, web-based access to essential project information. Drawings, manuals, meeting minutes and other key documentation and reports are always available to authorized team members.


 Great Plains Contracting     


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