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FHQ Developments is guided by both Treaty principles and business management principles

Treaty Principles

FHQ Developments' focus and inspiration comes from the Treaty Principles as conveyed by our Elders. These principles form the basis of how we expect to conduct our business relationships.

Miyo-wîcêhtowin - ‘The Principal of Getting Along Well with Others, Good Relations, Expanding the Circle’

Miskâsowin - ‘Finding One’s Sense of Origin and Belonging’, Finding “One’s Self” or Finding “One’s Centre”

Wîtaskêwin - ‘Living Together on the Land’

Pimâcihowin - ‘Making a Living’

Tâpwêwin - ‘Speaking the truth or Speaking with Precision and Accuracy’

Askîwipicihowascikêwina - ‘Setting into Place Arrangements for Livelihood, Living and Evolving Treaty Rights’

Managerial Principles

Corporate Governance. Our governance model is grounded in a commitment to achieving sound business practices in corporate governance and we are guided by Board, employee and member participation, collaborative decision-making and community involvement.

Business and Service Delivery Excellence. We are committed to continuously evaluating and improving our programs to ensure service delivery excellence and to ensure our investments and programs are responsive to community needs.

Partnership and Relationship-Building. We strive to develop partnership opportunities that meet the shared goals of our members, our partners, our community members, and our service delivery providers.

Accountability. We are committed to fostering a corporate culture that promotes accountability for outcomes, encourages individual integrity and social responsibility, and ethical practices that ensure the value and sustainability of our investments.   

Mutual Respect and Inclusion. We are guided by the fundamental principle of mutual respect in all of our interactions, and to promoting an environment of inclusiveness, teamwork, initiative, personal responsibility, diversity, and trust.

Open Communication and Transparency. We are committed to open communication with our business partners, our communities, our members, and our service delivery partners about our goals, services, and outcomes.

Corporate Differentiation. We will build FHQ Developments as a First Nation brand, through First Nation ownership and equity participation.

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